Denlo Co-Living

A one stop solution to find shared living spaces and its associated services in metropolitan cities.
12 weeks
UX/UI Designer
Myself, one other designer
Passion Project

Problem Background

Have you ever moved places due to work/studies?

Every year huge population of students , young unmarried working professionals migrate to new cities in search of work or studies. The first thing they use to look for in a new city is good accommodation with all the necessary amenities at a reasonable price.
The traditional way of searching for good accommodation offline through word of mouth, classifieds and referrals was now slowly getting replaced by digital solutions, but still there lacked a one stop solution for many of the challenges faced during this phase.
Since we are in the 21st century  we surely want things which are hassle-free, comfortable and is pure quality.

Co-living Market(2020)
By the end of 2025
Current millenial Population(2020)


Introducing Denlo

India’s first  co-living ecosystem with affordable pricing ,packed with spacious rooms and modern-day amenities .Hassel-free accommodation search and services at one place.
Feel the community of like minded people, feel at home and enjoy a variety of fun filled activities and amenities at affordable prices and at prime locations.

One Stop solution for all accomodation needs

Easily search and book your favourite spaces online from anywhere.

Check out the place before confirming

Schedule and book apartment visit to learn more about the place before confirming.

Eliminating the middleman-broker

No broker fees and delays, book your place you love in advance

Access to exclusive amenities and services

Once onboarded, you can find exclusive services and like minded community.

The Process

How did we arrive at the solution?

Below diagram depicts the process we followed to arrive at the soltuion:


This phase was all about getting to know the co-living industry, finding our target users and understanding the business goals.

Stakeholder Interview

What does the business want to provide to its customers?

Since this was not a real world project, I had to augment the business goals through an informal stakeholder inteview with one of my instructors.Below are the business goals that were discussed:

1. Easily find listed properties and book visits.

2. Intiutive user interface for all the services provided by the property

3. Provide a space for users to indulge in social activites to with fellow members of the property

4. One stop online solution for all business activites like payment, scheduling, on-boarding and vacating.

Target user research

Students and professionals were the most suited audience

Professional (30-35 Age Range)
Students(18-23 Age Range)
Young Professionals(24-29 Age Range)

Target user research

Demand for coliving in tire1 and tire 2 cities

Qualitative Research

What did the target users tell about their accomodation search and living experience in tire1 and tire2 cities?

We talked to 10 users who fell under the category of above mentioned target users to understand their experience finding accommodation and the challenges involved with moving places. Below listed are some major challenges that we found via these interviews:

1. Amenities not worth the rent amount.

2. Broker is very hard to reach and takes too much comission.

3. Landlords intervine too much which is very frustrating.

4. Would like to be around like minded people.

5. Prefer having basic amenities like laundry, parking, recreation, social activities etc.

6. Need to invest hours and sometines entire weekend to go and search for properties in-person based on Ads.

7. Payment method is not flexible

8. Finding something for specific period of time is really difficult

9. Vacating the premises needs advance confirmation which is very inconvinient

Target user research

Survey results suggest some likes, dislikes and user preferences


Post the user research phase, I started empathizing with the user in order to put myself in the users shoes so that I always keep in mind the users needs and pains throughout the ideation phase.


Meet Sushanth Mehra:

Empathy Map

Getting some deeper insights about the user's behaviours:

Empathy Map

Finding out what delights the user:


Time to define requirements and key challenges to address during ideation phase.

Design requirements:

1. Easy onboarding and app navigation.

2. Browse, like and book properties with ease.

3. Schedule apartment tours.

4. Read about previous experiences and ratings.

5. Provide digital access to amenities like parking, security and recreational center.

6. Easily raise, track and resolve tickets related to repairs and problems.

7. Access to third party coupons and promotions

8. easy vacating and refund.

9. provide ratings and feedback

User Flow

Defining the user flow:


Now, my favourite part, ideation and creating the digital interface for the defined user requirements


Lo-fi, mid-fi and high-fi wireframes with IOS human interface guidelines and Google material design kit.

Final Solution

Creating lo-fi screens helped in quickly ideating and provided good blueprint and strategy for final designs saving time and efforts. Final designs were built in accordance with the Apple's human interface guidelines and Google's material design.

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